3D Fractal Still Image
A still frame from a fractal animation I made with Mandelbulber2

Deliberate Practice #3 2022-06-17

This is a series where I write lesson(s) learned during the day, so that I remember them better. Hopefully you take away something too!


Warming up food in the oven is even better than warming up in the pan or microwave! I guess we've come full circle since microwaves were supposed to be microwave ovens. But basically due to the decreased intensity of the oven temperature (compared to the greater than boiling temperature that food in direct contact with the pan can feel) but more even spread, it's better for reheating the food. Only thing I have to be mindful of in the future is reheating the food all at once, versus in batches inside the oven as I tried today, since the other piece of food seems to cool down too much by the time I finish.

This article was updated on June 17, 2022