3D Fractal Still Image
A still frame from a fractal animation I made with Mandelbulber2

Deliberate Practice #4 2022-06-21

This is a series where I write lesson(s) learned during the day, so that I remember them better. Hopefully you take away something too!


Using the Feynman method in the rest of your life can work wonders for keeping awareness of what you are doing, i.e. speaking out loud about both your thoughts and things you are about to do. I used to try using Twitch to do this, but I realized unless it's something like math that requires a screenshare, for casual working just having a voice recorder open on my phone constantly recording my talking it out does the job (using Twitch requires too much setup and consideration of staying anonymous. Also the drain on my battery and heating up my computer is quite a lot.)

This article was updated on June 21, 2022