3D Fractal Still Image
A still frame from a fractal animation I made with Mandelbulber2

MIT 2022 Crushes Dataset Analysis - Fat Outdegree Tail

This year, 2022, for Valentine's season MIT sent out a survey asking people to name their crushes, so that they could match any potential lovers. I was curious about the distribution of how many people crushed on other people vs. how many people had crushes on them. To borrow some graph theory terminology, "indegree' vs. 'outdegree'.

Both distributions ended up looking pretty similar, although the outdegree had a much fatter tail. Guess some people just have *a lot* of crushes.

You can find the original data, the python code I used to calculate the indegree and outdegree of each person here, and a link to the spreadsheet that generated those charts here: https://github.com/abidsikder/mit_crushes_analysis

This article was updated on September 14, 2022