Merch Design for Princeton Rocketry Club

I was involved in Princeton Rocketry Club in Fall 2020, and designed the shirt that we ordered that semester.

The club's original logo expressed the idea of a rocket breaking into the stars, utilizing the Princeton chevron as a sort of air trail being broken by the rocket, with the stars on the boundary beyond.

Princeton Rocketry Club logo
Princeton Rocketry Club logo (theirs, not my creation)

I wanted to take the same ideas and move them a little farther however. I started by adding an earth, with the rocket breaking a little more literally out of frame.

White rocket breaking out from Earth surrounded by text Princeton Rocketry

I then added the stars back, with a vignette effect, so that there was no visible image border and the design faded out into the rest of the shirt.

Logo above with background of stars

And here's how the shirt ended up:

Front of the shirt with the design
Front of the shirt with the design