Deploys Uniswap V3 pools and manages ownership and control over pool protocol fees


address owner

Returns the current owner of the factory

Can be changed by the current owner via setOwner

Name Type Description


mapping(uint24 => int24) feeAmountTickSpacing

Returns the tick spacing for a given fee amount, if enabled, or 0 if not enabled

A fee amount can never be removed, so this value should be hard coded or cached in the calling context

Name Type Description
Name Type Description


mapping(address => mapping(address => mapping(uint24 => address))) getPool

Returns the pool address for a given pair of tokens and a fee, or address 0 if it does not exist

tokenA and tokenB may be passed in either token0/token1 or token1/token0 order

Name Type Description
Name Type Description


constructor() public


function createPool(address tokenA, address tokenB, uint24 fee) external returns (address pool)

Creates a pool for the given two tokens and fee

tokenA and tokenB may be passed in either order: token0/token1 or token1/token0. tickSpacing is retrieved from the fee. The call will revert if the pool already exists, the fee is invalid, or the token arguments are invalid.

Name Type Description
tokenA address One of the two tokens in the desired pool
tokenB address The other of the two tokens in the desired pool
fee uint24 The desired fee for the pool
Name Type Description
pool address The address of the newly created pool


function setOwner(address _owner) external

Updates the owner of the factory

Must be called by the current owner

Name Type Description
_owner address The new owner of the factory


function enableFeeAmount(uint24 fee, int24 tickSpacing) public

Enables a fee amount with the given tickSpacing

Fee amounts may never be removed once enabled

Name Type Description
fee uint24 The fee amount to enable, denominated in hundredths of a bip (i.e. 1e-6)
tickSpacing int24 The spacing between ticks to be enforced for all pools created with the given fee amount