Contains methods for computing the result of a swap within a single tick price range, i.e., a single tick.


function computeSwapStep(uint160 sqrtRatioCurrentX96, uint160 sqrtRatioTargetX96, uint128 liquidity, int256 amountRemaining, uint24 feePips) internal pure returns (uint160 sqrtRatioNextX96, uint256 amountIn, uint256 amountOut, uint256 feeAmount)

Computes the result of swapping some amount in, or amount out, given the parameters of the swap

The fee, plus the amount in, will never exceed the amount remaining if the swap's amountSpecified is positive

Name Type Description
sqrtRatioCurrentX96 uint160 The current sqrt price of the pool
sqrtRatioTargetX96 uint160 The price that cannot be exceeded, from which the direction of the swap is inferred
liquidity uint128 The usable liquidity
amountRemaining int256 How much input or output amount is remaining to be swapped in/out
feePips uint24 The fee taken from the input amount, expressed in hundredths of a bip
Name Type Description
sqrtRatioNextX96 uint160 The price after swapping the amount in/out, not to exceed the price target
amountIn uint256 The amount to be swapped in, of either token0 or token1, based on the direction of the swap
amountOut uint256 The amount to be received, of either token0 or token1, based on the direction of the swap
feeAmount uint256 The amount of input that will be taken as a fee